Strickland Brothers University: A Culture & Model for Growth

BY ON January 14, 2021

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It takes a village.

As a business owner, getting the right people to work for you and help your company succeed can be a challenge. They must be skilled, dependable, and trustworthy. And if they’re not skilled, they have to be trainable.

As a Strickland Brothers Franchise Owner, you can trust that we’ll support you in the hiring and training process. We’ve come up with an efficient way to onboard your new employees so they can get to work fast and you can focus on growing your business.

Here is an introduction to Strickland Brothers University, how the program was created, and why this training leads to successful franchising.

What Is Strickland Brothers University?

Strickland Brothers University is a college-level platform of entry-level and management courses that features 100+ modules, videos, quizzes, and mobile access.

When you start to explore the quick lube industry, you’ll discover one of the biggest challenges is labor: finding, training, and keeping workers. With our online training program, new hires are taught how to perform their duties quickly. This helps management deal with turnover while ensuring operations continue to run smoothly.

Our in-depth, eLearning system is available to all employees to get them up to speed when they start working with us. This proprietary education platform makes it easier for franchise owners to seek out workers from a broad applicant pool with no experience necessary. 

For example, one of our employees, who started as a hood technician, worked her way up to store manager and then area manager. Before she worked for Strickland Brothers, she sold cell phones.

How Was Strickland Brothers University Created?

Justin Strickland—Founder, CEO, and President—also started his quick lube career as a hood technician. That’s how he gained tons of hands-on experience over the years performing tasks like pulling drain plugs, adding oil, and changing oil filters. 

When it was time for Justin to figure out how he wanted to help Franchise Owners train the people who would be working in the shops, he decided to go with an eLearning platform. After settling on an LMS (Learning Management Systems) provider, they told him they were going to bring in subject matter experts to develop the content. 

But Justin had another idea.

“I told them I wanted to be the subject matter expert,” he said.

Justin wanted to find a way to train each employee himself. So he scripted every course at Strickland Brothers University to share his decade of quick lube experience with future workers.

What Courses Are Taught at Strickland Brothers University?

The curriculum starts with an orientation where new employees learn what Strickland Brothers is all about it, including our core values:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Professionalism
  • Servant leadership
  • Speed of service

Next, there’s the entry-level training for technicians on the basics of quick lube procedures. Lastly, there’s a section on management training, which, in part, revisits the original core values and suggests ways to maintain and exceed those standards.

How Does Strickland Brothers University Help Franchise Owners?

Franchise Owners are required to complete the online courses of Strickland Brothers University. That way, by the time they come to the corporate office for training, they already know the procedures and can focus on the hands-on experience, while reviewing what they’ve learned. 

The data shows Strickland Brothers University works in favor of your success as a Franchise Owner. In one study, 55 employees across several states were given a test before they started the courses, and then another test after they completed the curriculum. The report showed scores from pre-test to post-test jumped an average of 26%.

In another study, we discovered having workers go through Strickland Brothers University had a direct correlation to a store’s success. The top three locations where 100% of employees finished the training were also the top three stores in revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Stores with the lowest course completion rates fell toward the bottom of the rankings.

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Strickland Brothers University: A Culture & Model for Growth

Now you know what Strickland Brothers University is and the role it plays in successful franchising.

Our virtual academy prepares entry-level and management employees to start working right away with the knowledge and skills necessary for great performance.

At Strickland Brothers, we understand preparing our Franchise Owners and their employees to succeed is imperative in helping meet and exceed their objectives and goals. That’s why we’ve invested in a solid curriculum—created by the CEO himself—to fuel growth. 

Your success is our success. 

And we vow to support you every step of the way.