Simple, Yet Scalable

The Industry & Demand


Quick lube automotive is an $8 billion industry with more than 230 million licensed drivers in the U.S. At some point, every vehicle requires ongoing maintenance to keep it functioning properly, making this a high demand and recession-resilient industry. In fact, the industry averages 3.2 oil changes per car per year and currently has 287 million registered vehicles in the U.S.

Quick lube businesses make it easy, convenient, and affordable for vehicle owners to take care of this essential need while saving time and money. So why is this opportunity different from other concepts?


Inclusive Inventory Model

One of the most difficult aspects of this industry is inventory. Strickland Brothers’ vendors order products through demographic reports and even stock them on the shelf on behalf of each Franchise Owner. Without the need for master packs, dead stock, tied up capital, or inventory headaches our Owners take advantage of stronger profit margins.

Maintenance Free Oil System

Our oil system is a simplified business model with national buying power. It requires less training and equipment and no basement is needed.

Low Build Out Costs

Our competitors’ build-out costs are around $650,000 while our costs are approximately $250,000. With our strategic designs we have optimized functionally, ensuring the fastest oil change without the need for a full basement. This allows our Owners to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per location while still staying efficient.

Our Strategic Partners

We have cultivated relationships with national vendors of the finest quality products on the market today and have some of the best product pricing in the industry. Together, we earn our customers’ trust in the products we offer.

Full-Service Marketing

There are very few if any automotive franchises that provide full management of marketing. We handle the website, social media, SEO, targeting, and more.

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